Business Analytics

Corporate data should be used to analyze the past. The near future of the company is budgeted, planned and ensure that the right decisions can be made, based on analytics. Business Analytics encompasses the entire palette of tools and processes which are available for a fact-based management of an enterprise. Starting with reporting on the past, continuing with planning and budgeting the near future and going on to playing with various scenarios - the Serwise experts are proficient with the best tools on the market for every requirement.

Data Structure

In any Business Analytics or Corporate Performance Management (CPM) project, the first step is to analyse the data structure, and almost always it has to be debugged, adjusted and structured. This process ensures that all data are coherent and that the same terms and structures are used throughout the involved business units. If this is done scrupulously, reconciliation expenses can be minimized or even eliminated further on in the project and in the running environment.

Serwise has accompanied many companies in diverse industries in executing this process in and will lead the client professionally through the steps needed to attain usable and logical data structures, so that the business analytics project can be tackled on a good foundation.


A reporting or business intelligence system provides the data and facts that are the basis for planning the future.

The suitable software should provide most or preferably all mission critical modules as standard components. For any custom functions which are needed, the standard components should be easily adaptable. 

A (multidimensional) Data model will be developed so that it covers all requirements and at the same time can grow and be adapted. Reports and workflows will be implemented.

Planning and Budgeting

Planning and budgeting are very time- and manpower intense. Plan data is often collected in multiple excel sheets which are then merged in a time-consuming and error-prone process into even bulkier excel workbooks. Shorter processing cycles, multiple versions for fine-tuning or even complexer models like a rolling forecast are unrealistic because personell resources are scarce and there is too much data to process.

Serwise AG uses central data repositories (multi dimensional databases, OLAP-servers) and can significantly accelerate the processes.
Each business unit gets a better overvies and manuell processes are optimized.
Users can analyse data but also input data in an excel-fronted or in a web solution.

Disclosure Management

Serwise AG can also help with financial reporting "on the last mile": structured (balance sheets, income statetements etc.) and unstructured (graphs, text, images) data can be combined to generate completely automated reports needed for disclosure, board meetings, press conferences etc. The tool also has an interface to pre-printing programs. This can ultimately save a lot of time and minimize errors due to copy/paste exercises 

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