Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services

Over the last 12 years the data warehouse grew organically; it was time for an overhaul and an expansion, as no systematic architecture was in place and maintenance was time-consuming due to the increasing complexity. Additional new data models were unthinkable on the existing environment. At the same time, the management and the office of finance needed a fast reporting and analysis tool with a high level of data integrity. An important factor for the choice of the new environment was the abilty to budget and plan in the future as well.

Solution implemented with Serwise AG:
In a first phase the financial data was generated in a new finance datamart. Analyses and queries can be performed with SQL, IBM Planning Analytics and Certent Disclosure Management. Next steps are further data modelling in operative and transaction systems.

Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Planing Analytics Express, Certent Disclosure Management

Source systems:
Microsoft A/X and Mastercard TJF as well as further internal systems