Knowledge is power. Every client using Planning Analytics has already made an important step toward better knowing his company and having a lot of information about it. Serwise AG helps designing and constructing the structures for know-how, be it by training the employees to use the implemented tools, by quick help with tutorials or through hourly consulting via video conferencing. Transfer of the necessary know-how must be easily accessible for all client employees.

Serwise Corporate Perfomance Management Training SCC

Our clients should be able to autonomously work on the systems that Serwise AG has developed for them. To attain this, we have developed the extensive, modular training concept SCC. Every user can acquire the know-how needed for fullfilling their specific tasks.

Quick Consultation

Sometimes one needs support on a specific problem or would like to get a quick (second) opinion. Contracting a specialist may be overshooting the mark, which is why we are available on Fridays for time slots from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

This is also a good way to become acquainted with Serwise AG.