Terresta Immobilien- und Verwaltungs AG took charge of management and administration for the real estate properties and the Stiftung für Kunst und Kultur (SKKG) in 2019 after the patron Bruno Stefanini died. the office of finance did not have any tools in place for managing and the company. The new CFO wanted an effective tool installed which would support him and his team in steering the company.
Per 2021 a new ERP environment is being implemented, bringing about further challenges regarding data management, analysis and planning.

Solution implemented with Serwise AG:
First all existing ERP data was stored in a data warehouse, which is being updated every night with the current figures. This data warehouse delivers the numbers and structures to IBM Planning Analytics, providing a fast and powerful tool for the accounting and controlling team. After the migration to the new ERP systems, Terresta will also start budgeting with IBM Planning Analytics.

Products: Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Planning Analytics Express, Flyspeed

Source systems: Immotop (until 2020), Garaio REM and Odoo (from 2021)