Software Development – Serwise AG

Software Development

Software architecture, design and development are service offerings of Serwise AG. We mainly develop interfaces and software solutions that are needed in connection with business analytics or consulting projects. These often have a close correlation to databases and data warehouse environments. In close collaboration with our partners, but also with the staff at Studentlab AG, Serwise AG implements a wide spectrum of technical solutions like mobile apps or web applications.

Interfaces and Datawarehousing

Constructing a user friendly data warehouse environment is a core capabiltiy of Serwise AG. Our approach is not technocratic, the business side is at the center of each project. Based on dimensional modelling we have developed a specific method over the years. Best practices in all relevant areas (like pre-processing, stage, metadata, dimensions, facts, incremental load, postprocessing, documentation, integration) have been built into a standardised and well documented framework. The client can therefore concentrate on the business requirements and rest assured that a well documented data warehouse is running smoothly.
Whether you run proprietary systems or expansive standard ERP systems like SAP or Abacus: Serwise AG integriates data seamlessly and delivers data to the downstream datamarts and analysis tools efficiently.
Thanks to the precise architecture that can go productive very quickly, the client receives useful results within a very short timespan.

Mobile Apps

The first mobile applications that Serwise AG developed were native applications for iOS, Android und Windows Mobile. In a second phase we developed on Xamarin to create multi platform applications. Both strategies did not generate the desired result of easily maintainable solutions.

In the past two years we developed several mobile applications.
In the third phase of mobile development we rely on software engineers who have experience with Android Studio and React Native.
If usability on all popular end user devices with iOS and Android is crucial, we favor React Native. Thanks to the various available libraries, this platform allows the development of solutions in a very short time and at low cost.

Contact us - we would love to develop a prototype for you.