Serwise Ltd offers Business Analytics Reviews (Data Warehouse, Business Analytics and Financial Performance Management)

With a long history record in the Data Warehouse, Business Analytics and Financial Performance Management areas we offer general reviews of existing environments.

Business Requirements cannot be implemented, analytical functions are not available, IT suffers from severe maintenance cost, managers do not get the needed information. These symptoms may point to environments that should be optimized and adjusted.

Many companies and organizations suffer from environments that were built some years ago and cannot meet current requirements . Serwise AG offers a 3 day review program that helps the C-Level responsibles to get an overview and to localize the problem zones that could be improved. The review is conducted in close cooperation with all people involved in a straightforward manner.

Elements of this review are:

  • Discussion of requirements on the business side
  • Analysis of the existing environment (going through documentation or relevant documents, short interviews with involved staff)
  • Comparison with state of the art environments, GAP-Analysis
  • assessment and report of findings
  • Presentation of the findings to the managers with practical suggestions on how to go forward


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