News August 20: Serwise partners with Olà Lisboa!

Serwise AG has been supporting and mentoring young professionals for many years. Studentlab AG was born out of this initiative ( College and university students in Switzerland get the chance to gain practical experience in their field of study.
This successful concept is being implemented in Portugal as well. Studentes of the IST Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon also get the chance to implement client projects, make client contacs, plan new projects and much more. Many of these activities are not taught at university. The Studentlab inititative therefore complements the theoretical studies very well. Serwise AG in turn profits from the newest trends and technologies that the students encounter during their studies, and of course from the interaction with students and universities. 
During the summer break (mid-June to mid-September), most students are available to work full time. During this time, clients can get sw development projects done in a short time at excellent value for money. And the students profit from the experience of course. 

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