Consulting – Serwise AG


Our speciality ist optimising stuctures and processes. Our consultants have used their experience in large projects to develop varied methods for analysing and rating problems and their basic causes quickly and concisely. We count on our clients' collaboration in the development of solutions; often enough the key to solving the problem is already well known but could not be turned for various reasons.

Analysis and Optimizing Processes

IT environments expand over time, and at the same time technologies evolve at breathtaking speed, while organisations can grow quickly as well. We analyse the organisation regarding the software components being used and assist in implementing a logical structure into the data set. Often this is the first crucial step to being able to even reasonably use the data for reports, analyses, planning and thus for the management of the company.

Projects in the Office of Finance

Corporate information converges in the Office of Finance, and often data from several systems have to be merged and analysed manually. We have many years of experience in constructing a fast and easy to handle environment with a central data repository, where Excel is still an important tool for the controllers and finance experts.

Sparring Partner

An outside view can help to see things more clearly. We apply our experience with projects in companies of all sizes and industries to to find and realize the best solution for you. Limitating factors like time, budget and resources are taken into account to ensure a realistic and feasible implementation.