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Serwise Expert Network

The experts listed here each have 20plus years of experience in business. The complement the consultants of Serwise AG and widen the service proposition considerably. Besides the hitherto available consulting mandates, we can now offer services in new areas like organisational development, sales/marketing and data integration.

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Hans Rudolf Brügger

Education / Professional Experience
  • CEO of debt collection companies (2002-2015)
  • manager of the recovery department at a large bank (1995-2001)
  • branch manager at a bank (1989-1994)

Strengths and Potential Range of Application
  • project implementation (fast – sustainable – cost optimized)
  • communication (negotiation in difficult situations)
  • assertiveness (gets all parties to the table)

Roger Brustio

Education / Professional Experience
  • various sales and management trainings
  • since1986: sales computer hardware (indirect and direct model)
  • director at several computer producers

Strengths and Potential Areas of Application
  • sales oriented, focused on long-term success
  • consumer- and investment sales
  • sales structures (direct and indirect models)

Beat Hauser

Education/ Professional Experience
  • hands-on experience and training at various employers. (Honeywell, Data General (today EMC2), Sun Microsystems)
  • various professional, personality building and management courses
  • 40 years of experience in IT

Strengths and Potential Areas of Application
  • communication within global teams
  • strategy consulting (client or distribution teams)

Richard Müller

Education / Professional Experience
  • owner and managing director at Data Logistix AG (since 2000)
  • data warehouse-specialist with wide project experience (20 years)
  • business development (Nautic Corner Arbon, since 2018)

Strengths and Potential Areas of Application
  • able to work in teams
  • analytical and holistic thinker
  • strategy

Peter Reich

Education / Professional Experience
  • many years as manager in IT
  • 20 years experience as manager software development
  • many years experience as trainer and speaker

Strengths and Potential Areas of Application
  • keen perception
  • lateral thinking
  • data integration projects