Clients – Serwise AG

Our Clients

Long term customer satisfaction is our main endeavour.

Serwise AG achieves this with a consistent focus on a few elementary principles:

  • Focusing on the main requirements and goals of the client
  • Open communication of all involved staff in a project and living a positive error management culture. For example, members of a project team communicate their ideas with the groupware solution Mattermost.
  • Consistent documentation of the developed systems and processes aswell as inclusion of the client’s employees in the project. Few but relevant documents (powe-docs) are maintained throughout the entire project, avoiding a documenting-backlog at the end of the project.
  • Proactive know how transfer to the client’s employees; therefore minimizing dependency on the consultants. All activities of our consultants are documented precisely in our issue tracking system Mantis.

We work in projects, but think and act with the longer term in mind. This is one reason that clients often return with new interesting topics. We are looking forward to the next challenge!


Our clients come from all industries and can be very small or quite large, or a department in a larger organisation. Our focus is on the need every company and department has to understand its numbers so that the future can be planned based on facts. We support the CFO, CMO or CEO in easily accessing their data and making it available to those that need it for informed decision making .