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Business Analytics

Corporate data should be used to analyze the past. The near future of the company is budgeted, planned and ensure that the right decisions can be made, based on analytics.
Business Analytics encompasses the entire palette of tools and processes which are available for a fact-based management of an enterprise. Starting with reporting on the past, continuing with planning and budgeting the near future and going on to playing with various scenarios - the Serwise experts are proficient with the best tools on the market for every requirement.

Data Structures

Corporate Performance Management is a management philosophy; a company is repeatedly measured and evaluated from different points of view. This is achieved by using classic reporting and analysis tools relating to the past but also with methods allowing a view into the future: strategic and operational planning, budgeting, forecasting. In a CPM system corporate informationen is gathered comprehending all departments, timelines and systems. Standard structures and definitions connect the data from all corporate functions such as distribution, production and acquisition. The result are consistent information pools; users from different departments can get the varied information they need.
Such CPM solutions offer an ideal foundation for flexible analyses, the basis for efficient forecasting- and planning solutions, possibilities of comparing various development scenarios and risk analyses for individual departments and entire corporate groups.
In the projects we implement the foundation for solutions pertaining to these requirements ist laid. We actively input our experience in all relevant parts of the projects in order to find individual, encompassing solutions together with our clients. We design all aspects of the solution, beginning with defining the technical requirements and the design of the relational and multidimensional data marts, followed by the reporting and planning applications up to the operation and administraion of the solution.


A reporting or Business Intelligence system delivers the data and facts so that the business responsibles can plan the future and develop scenarios.
Business Intelligence systems have various uses in companies today. Sometimes the solution will be developed, implemented and refined by the IT-department, who then offers it to operational deparments as a service option. The operational deparments only specifiy their requirements. In other companies an operational department will assume a significant role in system engineering and maintenance. Planning how the system will operate has considerable impact on the entire system design.
The most suitable software will be chosen based on all criteria. All the mission critical functions should be covered by standard applications in the chosen software. Special requirements are rather the rule than the exception; to implement the nonstanard components the chosen application has to be as flexible as needed.
A (multilayered) data model will be developed which covers all requirements and is at the same time adaptable and expandable. Then reports and work processes are implemented.
Regarding financial reporting, Serwise AG supports the client in the final steps: with tools that are customized for the last tasks, comprehensive reports are built with Disclosure Management, generating structured (balance sheets, P&L etc.) or non structured data (i.e. text, graphs and images). The reports can even be generated as preprint files. This tool substantially improves quality and decreases personell workloads.

Planning, Budgeting

Planning and budgeting are manpower- and time-consuming tasks. Often, planning data is recorded on the basis of Excel solutions in each department and then gathered in encompassing Excel portfolios. Shorter budgeting lifecycles, multiple versions for finetuning or more complex models like rolling forecasts remain unrealistic because workload capacties are inexistent or the data set is too large.
Serwise AG implements central data repositories (multidimensional database servers, OLAP servers) and achieves a significant acceleration of the processes.
The client business units receive an improved overview and processes are optimized.
Users can anaylise and enter data in the familiar Excel frontend and also in web applicatons.


Our imperative is to train client staff as soon as possible and as deeply as necessary in the implemented technologies. Thus many adjustments, queries and reports can be created and adapted by the clients themselves. To achieve this we offer customised trainings that are based on the Serwise CPM College concept. The module based concept is flexible and everyone can start at their individual level. Each module includes one hour of preparation, 2 hours of training with the trainer and one hour of consolidation / reviewing.
The training concept is modern and meets the needs of mobile and online professionals.